Covid-19 – How safe is Kythera for travel

Information about the measures for the travelers, the entrepreneurs and the employs in Kythera and Greece

Practical Info

Don’t fear – Protect yourself

Travel Notices

By the National Public Health Organization

Pre boarding information form

All passengers must complete it and submit it to the vessel’s Chief Purser

Advice for travellers

Novel Coronavirus COVID-19

Pre boarding information

To be completed by any adult


Commission provides guidance on EU passenger rights

Kythera & Covid-19:
Frequently Asked Questions

No case of covid-19 has been confirmed on Kythira until .

Restaurants, hotels and rooms to rent are open.

Kythera island provide a general hospital. Before you visit the hospital, please call +302376033203 and the doctors will inform you about your medical care.

Further to the relevant decision of the Government of the Hellenic Republic, restrictions for domestic flights across mainland Greece and the island of Crete are lifted as of 18/05/2020. In any case, you should contact your airline directly regarding any information about flights ( ie. flight schedules, bookings and flight availability, etc). For additional information regarding the current status of flight restrictions due to Covid-19, you can call the Operations Centre of the Civil Protection at 0030 2103359002-3 or send an email to kepp@gscp.gr.

The cleaning services have been intensified across the airport facilities.

The routine cleaning materials have been replaced with fast acting disinfectants.

Cleaning and sanitizing of frequently touched surfaces, such as door handles, elevator buttons, handrails, escalators etc., has been intensified.

In the event of an emergency involving a virus suspicious case, special disinfection or spraying is carried out, in accordance with the Health Authorities instructions.

How to protect yourself against Covid-19

How to protect yourself against Covid-19